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Welcome to Franc Jrs Famous Pizzeria


First things first, Franc Jrs is primarily a takeaway restaurant. We have made our pizzas to travel better to be eaten by the beach, at the park or at home with friends!

We have seats but in no way is this a dine in restaurant.


We want Franc Jrs to be a place for the community, for people to come have a good time with friends or make new ones over some hot steamy pies.

If you are familiar with francies pizzeria then you will notice that this is a whole new restaurant. We all know that change can be hard sometimes but if you follow these simple rules we guarantee you will have the best experience!




No table service - come up to the counter and say hi, see what our pizza specials are and we will also probably tell you what our favourite drink is at the moment. Put your order in and listen up for your name or number to be called out over the speakers.

Eat in or takeaway - make sure you have a table before ordering your pie and you know your table number, if there are no tables there is nothing like sitting by the beach with your favourite pie!

Waiting for a table - we have set up a cueing area where you can line up and wait for a table to become available. You are welcome to grab a drink while you wait for a table to clear up. Unfortunately you will have to wait till you have a table till you can order an in house pie 

The share table - the share table is for big groups that decide to come in but it is also there for people to sit and make new friends! Pizza is made to be shared so if you are there with a group and still have space on the table, invite anyone else that is waiting to join your festivities.

Clean up - mi casa es su casa, which means my house is your house! We want you to feel at home here at Franc Jr’s.  Once you are done with your meal if you could put your rubbish in the bins we have provided you will make the next group cueing very happy! 

Water - we have sparkling + still water available by the counter as well as some fun condiments, cutlery and plates

And last but not least enjoy yourself. We have crafted pizza made to be enjoyed, to take you back to a time when pizza was simple and quality. We have taken inspiration from all around the world to bring you this product, so relax and let your mind travel. 


Big love,

Franc Jr

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